Error debugging

Debugging is a crucial aspect of the experimental process. Catching and correcting errors before they impact participants is key to ensuring reliable results. Cognition offers integrated tools to facilitate efficient debugging. Here's how you can harness these tools:

1. Preemptive Error Detection

Cognition's interface is designed to help users identify issues before their experiment goes live:

  • Detecting errors during the design phase can save significant time and prevent faulty data collection.

2. Precision in Code Editor

One of the primary tools in your debugging arsenal is Cognition's code editor:

  • It precisely pinpoints any exceptions in your code, highlighting the exact line and column where the exception has been thrown. This granular feedback assists in quickly locating and rectifying the problem.

3. Real-time Exception Collection

Even with meticulous pre-testing, there's a possibility that uncaught exceptions might arise during the actual execution of the experiment:

  • Should this happen, Cognition proactively collects these unhandled exceptions from the participant's browser.

  • These exceptions are then relayed to your dashboard, offering you a direct insight into any issues that occurred during a run.

4. Marking Faulty Runs

To ensure data integrity and assist in data analysis:

  • Any run where an exception was thrown will be specifically marked as "With errors" on your dashboard. This labeling helps in easily identifying and potentially discarding problematic data sets.

5. JsPsych Library & Debugging

It's worth noting that while Cognition is tightly integrated with the JsPsych library, it doesn't serve as its official troubleshooting resource:

  • If you encounter JsPsych-specific issues or need specialized guidance related to the library, the best resource is the official JsPsych website. You can find comprehensive documentation and support at JsPsych's official site.

In conclusion, Cognition prioritizes a seamless debugging experience, arming researchers with the tools they need to ensure their experiments run smoothly. By offering detailed error feedback and real-time exception tracking, Cognition strives to make the experimental process as robust and efficient as possible.

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