Data Management and Download

Ensuring the security, integrity, and accessibility of experimental data is paramount in research. Cognition's platform prioritizes these aspects, providing a robust mechanism for data management and download. Here’s how Cognition handles your data:

1. Real-time Data Collection

As participants complete tasks, Cognition captures data in real-time, offering you up-to-the-minute insights into your experiments.

2. Secure Data Transfer

All data transmitted to Cognition's servers is sent via HTTPS, ensuring encrypted and secure communication that safeguards participant information.

3. Data Encryption and Storage

Upon arrival at our servers, data undergoes further encryption, adding an additional layer of protection. This encrypted data remains securely stored, inaccessible to external threats.

4. Data Access Controls

Data privacy is vital:

  • Data isn't publicly accessible.

  • Only after logging in can one download data. And even then, only the task's owner has the privilege to access and download its corresponding data. (For details on collaboration rights, refer to the "Collaborators" section.)

5. Jurisdictional Data Storage

Cognition understands global research requirements:

  • Users can specify in which jurisdiction their data is stored: North America, Europe, Japan, or Australia. If your jurisdiction isn’t listed, contact us for assistance.

6. Customizable Data Download

Flexibility is key when it comes to data retrieval:

  • Choose to download individual runs, subsets of runs, or the complete set of task runs.

  • Export formats include CSV, JSON, and SQL, catering to a range of analytical tools and preferences.

  • Depending on your needs, download data as individual files or consolidated within a zip folder.

  • Customize filenames by selecting which variables (columns) should be included, ensuring easy differentiation between data files from different runs.

7. Offline Recovery

In the event of connection issues where data transmission is interrupted:

  • The system ensures data isn't lost. The next time the participant accesses the experiment, the system will automatically upload the previously untransmitted data.

In sum, Cognition’s approach to data management combines security, flexibility, and accessibility. With robust mechanisms for data capture, storage, and retrieval, researchers can focus on insights rather than infrastructure.

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